Collision Avoidance and Fatigue Management

DotNetix Collision Avoidance & Fatigue Management

Prevent accidents with workers and pedestrians in harsh industrial and mining environments
RaptorTech provide several advanced technology products to ensure safer working environments across industries.
As the exclusive partner of dotNetix in Australia, RaptorTech can deliver collision avoidance and fatigue management solutions
to your assets, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring at your site or facility.

DotNetix products improves the safety by:
  • Creating driver awareness of potential objects that the vehicle can collide with.
  • Helping to protect vehicles and infrastructure from unnecessary damage.

Dotnetix SafEye Collision Avoidance

Excavator grade metrix

Key Features:

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Accurate range detection of all objects
  • Dynamic zones via speed interface
  • Pedestrian, live stock and vehicle detection
  • Object and following distance monitoring
  • No interference from other radars or Lidar
  • Hydrophobic coating that repels water and dust
  • Incident video logs
  • Object detection using Deep Neural Networks
  • Can be trained to detect custom objects
  • Accurate range measurements using 3D camera sensors
  • Dynamic zones for vehicle control (Braking)
  • Voice alerts for easy understanding in various languages
  • 3D Image object detection


  • No need for pedestrian tags
  • Great for contractors for multiple sites
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy to install
  • Up-to 150 meter detection range – Forward Detection
  • Up-to 20 meter detection range – Rear Detection
  • Can be customised to your requirements
  • Low latency
  • Accurate results
  • Traffic awareness
Excavator grade metrix
SAFEYE-Nano 3D Camera
Responsive image

  • 3D Camera system – Can calculate object distance
  • AI Object and Pedestrian Detection built-in
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Up-to 60 Meter Vehicle Detection
  • Up-to 35-40 Meter Pedestrian Detection
  • Field of view – 90 Degrees
  • Dual Camera option with 180 Degree Field of view
  • IP69
  • POE (Power over Ethernet) – Single Cable
  • Aluminium enclosure / Ruggedized

SAFEYE-Nano Single Camera
Responsive image

  • Single camera 180 Degrees
  • AI Object and Pedestrian Detection built-in
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Up-to 6 Meter Vehicle Detection
  • Up-to 6 Meter Pedestrian Detection
  • Field of view – 180 Degrees
  • IP69
  • POE (Power over Ethernet - Supply) – Single Cable
  • Aluminium enclosure / Ruggedized

  • Also available:
    SAFEYE Controller
    SAFEYE 7” Display
    SAFEYE Speaker

Dynamic Zoning

The detection zone is automatically increased when the vehicle is travelling at higher speed compared to travelling at low speed. This allows the system to only detect objects that are dangerously close to the vehicle.

SafEye-Nano automatically measures the vehicle speed using GPS technology and dynamically calculates the stopping distance and warning zones of the vehicle.

Before the object enters the danger zone where the vehicle would be unable to avoid an accident, the operator is warned to decrease speed or change direction.This allows the operator to react responsibly and avoid an accident.

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Dotnetix Nexus Fatigue Management

NEXUS is an advanced fatigue and distracted driving management system designed for industrial applications to improve safety.

Monitoring operator fatigue and distraction allows mining and industrial operators to be more safe and productive, as well as reducing fatigue or distracted operator related incidents. DotNetix is concerned with machines in ‘mission critical’ applications where accidents are unacceptable and where safety can be enhanced through monitoring of the human operator, driver or pilot who is ultimately responsible. Audible alerts are created for the driver while real-time remote alerts can be analysed for fatigued or distracted operators. Nexus’ infrared camera continuously monitors the operator for eyelid closure facial and head movements, and other unsafe behaviour while the vehicle is in motion.

Upon event detection:

  • In-cab alarms are activated (speaker and/or seat vibrator)
  • An event is created and stored locally on the Nexus Computer
  • Event data and clipped video are synchronized with Nexus Integrated Analytics Software Suite

NEXUS Monitoring Camera
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  • Sleep Detection
  • Distracted Driving Detection
  • Yawn Detection
  • Cell Phone usage detection
  • Smoking Detection
  • 500kbps
  • 12VDC
  • Operating Temp -20º to 70ºC
  • IP65

Also available:

NEXUS Wifi Modem

DotNetix ClearView

DotNetix’s web based clearView solutions shows the individual fatigue levels for each active equipment operator. Additionally, designated supervisors and managers have the option to receive customized alerts via email when an operator experiences a critical fatigue or distraction related event.

Operators are immediately aware when they have become susceptible to a fatigue or distraction event. Upon hearing the audible alarm or sensing the seat vibrator, the operator can take the appropriate action to regain control of their equipment and senses.

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  • Increases operator productivity
  • Reduction in incidents and accidents
  • Increases operator awareness, reducing fatigue related hazardous behaviour
  • Increases equipment availability
  • Reduces direct and indirect operating costs