Networking and Communication

MicroRaptor, MKII Remote Deployment Huts & Pit Vision

RaptorTech specialise in industrial grade communications networking products - the MKII Remote Deployment Hut, Raptor Comms Trailer, MicroRaptor Repeater kits, RaptorAir and Pit Vision.


RaptorAir is our communication network - custom designed to specifically meet the requirements of your site and assets. The network utilises the MkII and MicroRaptor infrasturucture to deliver a comprehensive communications ecosystem.

At a glance:

Key Features:
  • Complete remote management solution
  • Low cost - high performance
  • High-bandwidth backhaul with fail-over
  • Single Mesh networks offers seamless experience
Long Range:
  • P2P links have 300mbs bandwidthup to 30kms range
  • LoRa sensor network achieves up to 20km range
Enterprise Grade Security:
  • VPN capable for enterprise network connectivity
  • Detailed traffic statistics
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Device level tracking and access management
Bandwidth where it matters:
  • High speed Wi-Fi mesh in critical production areas
  • Mesh repeaters installed in primary dig units

Pit Vision

Network Video Streaming solution for your site - integrate Pit Vision into your network to manage your site from anywhere!

Key Features:

  • Local storage & backup for playback
  • Motion detection and event tagging
  • Secure user access management
  • Can be integrated into Superset dashboards
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Remote areas don’t typically have the best infrastructure and are often hours from the nearest regional centre. This means shipping logistics for equipment can be difficult and costly, so minimizing shipping volumes is essential.
The best way to cover an area with a LoRaWAN network is to take advantage of existing topography such as hills and mountains. These however are often the most difficult areas to access, particularly for industrial machines.
RaptorTech also specialise in designing and engineering a range of industrial grade communications networking products, called the MKII Remote Deployment Hut, Raptor Comms Trailer, and MicroRaptor Repeater kits.

RaptorTech MKII Remote Deployment Hut Solution

The RaptorTech MKII Remote Deployment Hut is a fully self-contained electronic enclosure that can be deployed to even the most difficult to access locations. It uses a flat pack design that can be assembled offsite and installed or assembled in site, earth anchors are used to install to the ground with only standard hand tools required.
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At a glance:

  • Full aluminium frame assembly (flat pack)
  • All fasteners and associated hardware
  • Solar panel mounting bracket (285W)

  • 7x Ground anchors & cable tensioners
  • 3 / 6 / 15m Hills mast & steel rope
  • 285W Solar Panel
  • Internal weatherproof enclosure
  • LTE / Satellite / LoRaWAN hardware
  • Solar charge regulator
  • Ethernet switch
  • 2 / 4x 100AH batteries
  • Custom internal bracketry
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RaptorTech Communication Trailer

The RaptorTech portable communication trailer is the next evolution of our MKII Deployment Hut. Designed to be completely portable, the communication trailer if your networking solution for the most rugged environments.

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    At a glance:

  • Portable/ Towable
  • Rugged exterior suitable for off-road conditions
  • Precisely Engineered Aluminium Tri-Truss Mast
  • Self-supporting mast (no need for earth anchoring)
  • 4m base Truss Mast, and 2.5m extendable, with a total mast height up to 7.3m
  • Ample space inside the trailer, to customise as per requirements.

RaptorTech MicroRaptor Repeater Solution

The MicroRaptor repeater kit offers flexibility of mounting arrangements capable of mounting to a wall, pole or roof top. Able to be run from mains power, PoE or solar, the MicroRaptor is highly adaptable with built in battery redundancy. 3G/4G, ethernet or Wi-Fi backhaul is available with all components IP67 rated and max operating temperature of 85ºC.

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At a glance:


  • Full aluminium frame assembly (flat pack)
  • All fasteners and associated hardware
  • Solar panel mounting bracket
  • Weatherproof electronics enclosure


  • LTE / Satellite / LoRaWAN hardware
  • Internal backup battery
  • Solar charge regulator
  • Custom internal bracketry
  • LoRaWAN gateway for sensor connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity for maintenance and configuration
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for local CCTV connectivity, public amenity and anonymised visitation tracking
  • 4G connectivity for backhaul, meaning no additional wiring is required

Deployment of the smart light option takes approximately 30 minutes with no additional wiring or modifications required to existing streetlights.