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RaptorOS Business Intelligence Software

RaptorTech have developed a fully customizable business intelligence and asset management software platform – introducing RaptorOS.
The RaptorOS platform puts the data and evidence for business decision-making back in your hands and provides a clear visual overview of the analysis – creating a powerful tool for monitoring site performance and improvement opportunities.
RaptorOS is a customisable business intelligence software platform that provides a clear overview of business profit drivers and levers. RaptorOS receives operational data from multiple sources to model the impact on the business bottom line.
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RaptorOS is a modular product, where business intelligence requirements can be scaled depending on the customer. RaptorOS is a natural extension of the RaptorCore product, and has been designed to work seamlessly to receive, analyse and deliver a variety of business and asset information for real-time decision making. Modules can consist of:

Value Tree

Create a digital twin of your business and assess which levers maximise profit in real time – manage your business pit to port


A Power-BI style application that allows users to link data sources (any database) and dynamically create custom queries, charts, visualisations and compile as dashboards.

Master Data

Create, compile and synchronise business critical data – get your whole business on the same page by removing duplication, errors and manual data entry


Collect, translate and through the DataHub servicestructure any enterprise, sensor and reporting data


Customise the revenue model, assign your fleet, track your costs .... make a profit

Machine Control

GNSS management solution enabling remote design management, operator support and software management.


Availability, MTBF, workforce efficiency, these are just a few of the insights offered. See granular details on downtime activities, delays and component level statistics.


Transparency in fleet productivity, operator performance and improvement levers – gain most of the value for a fraction of the cost of traditional fleet management solution


Timesheet entry, statutory reporting, job coding, everything needed to understand workforce costs and efficiency


Remotely switch pumps, lighting towers or remote infrastructure.

These modules can be combined and scaled to suit your needs. Below is an example of RaptorOS packages for Mining applications:
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The results of this analysis are visualised in the RaptorOS cloud-based reporting platform to concisely show executives, managers and frontline personnel mine performance and improvement opportunities. RaptorOS will form the central link to all existing systems and act as the key driver of business transformation.