Revolutionising Industrial Technology


RaptorTech’s vision is to continuously redefine industrial technology by providing innovative, reliable and value-for-money solutions that work.
We specialise in Survey and Machine Control, Collision Avoidance and Fatigue Monitoring, Networking and Communication, Industrial IoT, Asset Management and OEM solutions. We can also help you assess the right product for your business.

Survey & Machine Control

RaptorTech are proud to be the leading Australian partner for Hemisphere GNSS and their range of HP-GPS survey and machine control products that offer whole solutions for high-precision applications (including positioning, guidance and navigation).

Collision Avoidance & Fatigue Managent

As the exclusive partner of dotNetix in Australia, RaptorTech can deliver collision avoidance and fatigue management solutions to your assets, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring at your site or facility

Networking & Communication

RaptorTech specialise in industrial grade communications networking products - the ‘MKII Remote Deployment Hut’, 'Raptor Communications Trailer' and ‘MicroRaptor Repeater’ kits

Industrial IoT, Sensors & Remote Control

RaptorTech provide a range of internally developed Industrial IoT (IIOT), sensors and remote control solutions to manage communication, control and data between all your assets

Productivity, Asset Management & Business Intelligence Software

Put data and evidence for business decision-making back in your hands with RaptorTech's fully customizable business intelligence and asset management software platform – RaptorOS.

RaptorTech OEM Solutions

With our team of in-house engineers, RaptorTech can provide custom engineering and technology solutions to meet your specific project or business requirements – no matter the size or difficulty.


RaptorTech can help your business deploy, maintain and improve technology solutions. Our services are an integral part of our product offerings, creating a complete package for our clients. Our team specialise in:

- Mining Productivity Consulting
- Onsite Technology Management
- Service and Repair
- Technology Advisory and Project Management
- Remote and Local Support
- Deployment and Installation