AI Neural network
processing depth and objects

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When safety is your number one priority – enhance your Perception

The Perceptn solution employs state-of-the-art machine learning technology to combine the best of vision and radar systems. This provides high resolution object detection, classification and all weather operation.

Experience the power of Artificial Intelligence

Stereo vision using convolutional neural networks to create a detailed depth map assist in detecting, classifying and mapping people, vehicles and buildings

Self cleaning lens technology

We create a standing wave using ultrasonics to automatically heat and vibrate the external lense – removing moisture and dirt build up in moments

Categorize the Risk!

Our camera technology will automatically identify the type of object in view – allowing different alerts or actions depending on the context

All 1’s and 0’s

Add context to the operator or during an investigation by having high definition playback or visualization of the scene

When Outcomes Matter

Stand-alone operation

No networks, no other costs, each machine with Percept 1 is safer with direct object detection and alarms generated by the camera solution

Scalabile from one to many

Our Advanced data pipeline uses DDS communication protocols allowing unlimited additional sensors and no single point of failure 

Build your own Perceptn

Achieve the safety outcomes you need at a price point that matches your budget