Mining Operations

The Next Generation Fleet Management Solution


  • Integrated HPGPS proximity awareness
  • Upgrade path to Percept level 9 CAS
  • Immersive 3D visualisation allow virtual pit drives
  • Alerts to operators and supervisors in real time
  • Historical playback for incident investigation
  • Traffic flow heatmap to map interaction risk zones

Technology as a Service

RaptorTech’s vision is to make world class technology available to every mine – not just those with deep pockets.

  • Zero capital upfront
  • Simple monthly subscription covers hardware, LTE communications and remote management
  • True technology partnership – we win if you win
  • Includes our productivity consulting services identifying the big opportunities to unlock cashflow in your business today!


  • Reduce ore dilution with real time dig, drill and dozing HPGPS guidance to your operators
  • Automatic material identification and operator alert/interlock to reduce misdumps
  • Improve compliance to designs – reducing rework
  • HPGPS fully integrated with FMS and CAS functions on a single screen to reduce clutter


  • Accurate, automated activity tracking using sensors and GPS
  • Real time payload to loading tool from truck
  • Power of real time dispatch with our Pitboss app
  • Dig rate, drill penetration rates, queue time and cycle time – all the information you need to improve production performance