Peer 2 Peer Transmission
Of Localised Position

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When safety is your number one priority – enhance your Perception

The Perceptn solution wireless technologies add accuracy, redundancy and more features to a powerful technology stack. Utilising Ultra-wideband and RTK GPS gives operators additional information on any threats not in the line of sight, while providing additional functional safety

Unmatched precision

With an error of 10mm RMS its impossible to get more precise.

Real time survey pickup

By deploying RTK GPS on heavy vehicles, every machine becomes a surveyor!

Functional safety in motion

Reduce the risk of blind spots and provide additional redundancy in detections

Ready for integration

Our data streams are accessible to customers and integrators to build additional features, products or applications using position and state information

When Outcomes Matter

Stand-alone operation

No networks, no other costs, each machine with Percept 1 is safer with direct object detection and alarms generated by the camera solution

Scalabile from one to many

Our Advanced data pipeline uses DDS communication protocols allowing unlimited additional sensors and no single point of failure 

Build your own Perceptn

Achieve the safety outcomes you need at a price point that matches your budget