ToF RF Location Accuracy Up to 10cm with Heading

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When safety is your number one priority – enhance your Perception

The Perceptn solution wireless technologies add accuracy, redundancy and more features to a powerful technology stack. Utilising Ultra-wideband and RTK GPS gives operators additional information on any threats not in the line of sight, while providing additional functional safety

Safety at the speed of light

Ultra-wideband RF technology allows for accurate ranging and localization of other vehicles, people or infrastructure within the vincinity

Peer 2 Peer

The UWB chipset allows us to pass on contextual information – the type of object, the GPS position or size – providing maximum context for object detection

Undercover, underground

Real time localization without GPS – our ranging technology allows you to know where your people, assets and infrastructure is at all times

Low cost, quick installation

Rechargable, magnet mounted kits for contractor vehicles – its as easy as 1-2-3 at the security gate

When Outcomes Matter

Stand-alone operation

No networks, no other costs, each machine with Percept 1 is safer with direct object detection and alarms generated by the camera solution

Scalabile from one to many

Our Advanced data pipeline uses DDS communication protocols allowing unlimited additional sensors and no single point of failure 

Build your own Perceptn

Achieve the safety outcomes you need at a price point that matches your budget