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Samsung Touch 3D Tablet

The Unicontrol industrial ruggedised Samsung tablet touch interface is designed to empower operators to work efficiently with minimal training. Quickly modify your view in full 3D, load new designs, add offsets and customise much more with the ease of using a smart phone.

Improve productivity Quicky

We have made an intuitive interface that makes your earthmoving tasks simpler and faster, because we respect your valuable time on the jobsite!

Faultless excavation

Our fast-tracking sensors continuously keep you updated and accurately informed about your digging progress. The sensors cover everything from pitch/roll, boom, stick, tilt through to bucket.

Sales FAQ

Unicontrol is compatible with all the industry standard design files and correction formats.

Base station RTK corrections:

UHF  – Most construction sites run RTCMv3.2 – a universal correction format that all hardware vendors support. While a small number of sites will run a proprietary correction format (e.g. CMR X) we will always work with site surveyors to enable the additional format if required.

NPTRIP  – We are fully compatible with any NTRIP (internet) correction stream

File formats:

Unicontrol accepts DXF design / linework files as well as land XML files. These are industry standard and can be exported from any of the design packages that surveyors use.

In rare cases where surveyors are only able to provide a proprietary file type, our support engineers will do the format conversion for you and upload the new design directly to your machine through the Unicloud.

Unicontrol has redesigned this product from the ground up with the latest technology. This means you’re not paying for the last 20 years of development mistakes. Each component was carefully selected to build a cost effective solution without compromising on quality.

Our hardware is world class – USA manufactured with 2 years warranty – and the Samsung rugged display beats anything else on the market for readability and touch sensitivity.

Oh – and we just make a bit less margin that our competitors. We believe everyone in the industry should be able to access this technology, not just those with fat wallets! 

Short answer – No. While an internet connection does give you some really useful features (like remote file upload and support) you can work completely offline while receiving RTK corrections over UHF.  All files can be uploaded via USB directly onto the tablet. 

A cool feature with our wireless tablet is that you can take it somewhere with Wi-Fi over lunch and the screen will automatically download files as soon as it has an internet connection. Several of our mining customers working on remote sites use this feature to avoid the hassle of surveyors going to each machine

Important point to remember – to get NTRIP corrections, you will need a internet connection. All it takes is a sim card with a data plan.

RaptorTech is an authorised reseller for the HxGN Smartnet NTRIP service. There are base stations located across the country and chances are there is one near you – so if you don’t want to buy a base station but still need high-precision GPS, let us know and we can get you a quote!

We can also help you setup your own UHF or NTRIP base station networks if you are running multiple machines which can save you in the long term.

No- RaptorTech can supply the hardware and support you in setting up a base station that works over UHF, Internet (NTRIP) or both which is a particularly powerful option. Several of our customers have increased their value proposition by not only supplying a machine to a job but also providing the base station for the site for all the machines operating there.


RaptorTech also offers innovative solar enclosures to allow you to setup your base in a remote location and never worry about charging a battery every night.

No – while the Unicontrol Rover system is perfect for site supervisors on jobs no doubt there are many features designed just to help machine operators as well. Any designs created using the rover can be instantly synced across to the machine also running a Unicontrol system. This means you can go mark out a trench in real time with the Rover, then jump into your excavator and dig to that design straight away, an industry first feature. 

Use the measurement feature on the Rover paired with the extensive cloud integration to instantly create as-built site pickups that can be downloaded directly from the cloud and given to customers. 

RaptorTech only sells into regions where we have a strong local support base. We have physical branches based in Perth (WA) and Newcastle (NSW) and support technicians available to travel state-wide in short notice.


However – due to our market leading cloud software, almost 95% of our support calls are resolved remotely. We can access, troubleshoot and repair most system issues without you ever leaving the cab. This lets you keep working while we remotely access your machine to check on things and make changes to get you back to 100% 

Yes! Assuming you’re a contractor or rent out your machine, feedback from our existing customers indicate that daily rates increase by $150 -$200 per day when you have a GNSS capable machine.

Construction companies are happy to pay this because it reduces rework and errors, increases productivity and allows them to engage multiple subcontractors working across a single design reference.

Industry research shows around 20% increases in productivity by giving operators real time guidance on design compliance. This is a combination of reducing rework due to over/ under-digging or incorrect slopes, but also just faster operation due to confidence in where you are on the design.

Many construction sites now have a mandatory requirement for machine control – so if you want to win more jobs or expand your fleet, chances are that this is going to be a necessity. Our Unicontrol solution lets you access this market at a much lower entry cost – giving faster payback and increased profits from your equipment investment!

Yes – We sell a full vehicle mount and power kit that allows you to use the Unicontrol Supervisor Rover on your ute while still quickly transferring to a pole for more detailed work. 

You can create simple designs such as flat pads, ramps, v-drains etc directly from the tablet in the field on all Unicontrol machine control systems. The Unicontrol Supervisor Rover has all this functionality and more allowing you to markout and create more complex designs in the field which sync automatically with other machines running the same project.  

For more complex designs you will need to engage with a specialist surveyor or engineer. You can also export any design info created on the machine or rover to take into a specialist design software package.

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