Designed To Be Fail-Safe
In The Harshest Environments

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When safety is your number one priority – enhance your Perception

The PerceptAuto braking solution introduces a full intervention control system to improve reaction times and ensure collision avoidance in emergencies. Compatible with any ISO interoperable CAS PerceptAuto fits on any machine to reduce the risk of catastrophic incidents.


The ability to augment vehicles with automatic pedal actuation without modifying certified systems translates to substantial cost savings compared to comprehensive system overhauls.

Prevent collisions

Response times less that 100ms ensures that the machine stops in an emergency, mitigating risks in vehicle interactions.

Easy Installation

Avoid costly modifications to your machine which compromise warranty or certification with our retrofit kit.

Powerful Machine Learning

The Percept system uses edge-processing, AI and peer to peer communications – removing reliance on expensive networks and central servers to make smart decisions in the field.

Data and Reporting

Using sensor data and reporting features, mining operators can monitor incidents and implement improvements in safety protocols.

Available for OEM integration

Looking for a Level 9 intervention control for your existing CAS? PerceptAuto can be customized, integrated and branded for your product.

When Outcomes Matter

Interoperable with any CAS

Percept Products are compatible with ISO 21815-12022 and the minimal installation maintains the integrity of existing OEM systems.

Functional Safety Design

Built with extensive self checking and multiple layers of redundant control, rest assured you will have performance on demand.

EMERST Lvl 9 Intervention

Retrofit any machine with a automatic pedal actuator – a simple 15 mins installation and fool proof operation.

Build your own Perceptn

Achieve the safety outcomes you need at a price point that matches your budget